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⚙️ Procedural Animation: Inverse Kinematics

Procedural animation is a priority on Tiny Starpilot. As a designer, I like how it it improves the responsiveness and “juiceness” of interactive characters. As a programmer, it’s my area of professional expertise. Finally, as a solo dev, it lets me create more “modular” assets which can be shared between characters with different skeletons.

The biggest tool in the procedural-animation toolkit is called Inverse Kinematics. With these algorithms, designers can specify “targets” (often called effectors) for the animation system, and joints are internally rotated to satisfy those goals.

Footage of Modular Animations

An example of my modular-design: anim nodes automatically discover and coordinate with very little explicit setup.

⚙️ Tech Breakdown: Third Person Cameras in Games

Experience has made me opinionated about implementing 3rd person cameras. People naturally, but naively, think about the camera as a second actor in the world, following the player around (like Lakitu in Super Mario 64).

Lets discuss an alternative perspective, where you consider instead the player on the 2D picture plane (with code!).

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.